Is the mind flat?

I started a course on   Future learn today, The mind is flat, after much deliberation on whether   we make decisions   based on deep thought   processes or whether  we make decisions based on the   information in front   of us, e.g.Do I eat cake or have one or my   seven portions  or fruit   and vegetables?  It   sort of  concluded’ that  we make this  decisions based on   what   we want the outcome to be and the information  we have in  front of us and not on  some deep  inner  process in my mind, if am strong I’ll resist the  cake   and have an apple  and if not I’ll eat cake  and be happy about my decision. The course  aims to enable us to explore how to make better personal and professional decisions, and consider the psychological dimension to some key ethical and political choices facing the world.    Game On… Lets see what I learn!!


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