She shuffles along the supermarket line

Picking up the discarded coupons and smiling at the man behind

Oblivious to the stares and tuts

The coupon will get her a full day’s meal

A bit more than yesterday and a bit more for tomorrow

She laughs at the baby that pulls her hair and at the baby mother that turns away

She’s been there before

She’s been rich and poor

She’s now waiting

Waiting for her life to end

Waiting for the tide turn

Waiting for the freedom to talk to the maker about the one that got away and the things she did not say

She’s lived a life that has been wild and sometimes murky

She’s met and had a great number of men

A man eater you would call her then, an old women you’d call her now

Her role is over and her life lived, it’s time to get a coupon for tomorrow’s meal

So if you see her picking up someone else’s coupons and waiting for the bargain bucket

Remember, she once had a life like yours



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