A is for Afro


I did it, I cut it all off!  Me and my teeny weeny afro will be going walkabout with Storm Katie!

I put on my hoop earrings, did my make-up and headed to work.

‘What happened to your hair?’

‘G’morning Mark,’ I said.

‘No, really what happened?’

‘Nothing!’ I said – and hurried away before he asked to touch it!

Why, you might ask? Well, I thought I’d get there before the chemo does, I’d show it who’s boss and I wouldn’t have to feel guilty about the fact that I have spent a fortune buying someone else’s hair.

Smile, it’s selfie time for me and my teeny weeny afro.


6 thoughts on “A is for Afro

    1. Hi there,thank you for your kind words, I must admit, that this entry is based on an episode that happened a few years ago. All ok now.

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