D is for Dowry



Hi, In keeping with my look at culture, today’s post is D for Dowry.

In some Nigerian tribes, the woman brings a dowry as part of the marriage agreement. So here’s a bit of poetry for today.


Kola-nuts – a key component in Nigerian ceremonies@image

My Dowry

I come to you with a dowry on my head

Not so you should want me dead, but that we should plan for the road ahead.

I come to you with my father’s sweat and my mother’s fear that no one would ever love me so dear.

I come to you with innocence and hope, not giving you permission to destroy my soul

I bring gold, a bag full of kola-nuts and a trunk full of promises to share

I bring honey, so our life will be sweet

I bring salt to preserve and keep us

Most of all, I bring a start to our new life


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