I is for Inspiration


I is for Inspiration

Do you ever wonder what makes us write, put pen to paper, keep tapping away at the keyboard way past bed time?

Sometimes it’s a phrase, a smell, a photograph or a section of our history that we wish had been different. Or it could that conversation you overheard in the ladies/gents toilets, you didn’t mean to listen, but gosh they were talking so loud you couldn’t help it!.

Sometimes it’s the bits of conversations you hear at the train station or bus stop and just sometimes you get on the wrong bus or miss your train just because you want to know what happened next! Ok may be that’s just me.

Every now and then, it’s the daily prompt or a challenge such as the A to Z challenge which has has inspired me to keep tapping away, even when I am tired and my bed’s calling.

Every so often, it’s the voice of a character that comes and weaves it’s story in my head, speaking to me and lulling me into a world less ordinary, until I burn dinner and smell of burnt rice brings me back to earth.

At times, it’s just looking at what other writers and bloggers  are doing, and being inspired to join in, to like and give a little feedback. Hey, if she/he can do it, so can I.

I just need to find my voice.

So here’s a big thank you to all the inspiring writers and bloggers with their daily prompts, moral Mondays, streams of consciousness, weekly challenges and general come join the fun challenges. You inspire me.

Enough of my rambling, what inspires you?


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