Short Story Day Africa: Writing prompt

Hi there, this is a story I posted as part of a short story day Africa prompt of an owl in flight.

Short story day Africa

Bobby hoped every night would be his last. Mama twins, his father’s second wife had threatened to leave him in the forest, she said he was a bad omen.

She blamed him for everything, his mother’s death, Taiwo’s convulsions and his father’s latest bout of malaria. He didn’t have the guts to tell her that his mother had sickle cell disease and his father was drunk. How was he going to convince her that at nine years old he couldn’t be held responsible for the family’s misfortunes?

He would have pointed out that her twins were the strange ones. Four years old, they spoke a mixture of English, some secret language that no one could understand and baby babble. He’d seen them talking to the blue eyed owl, it always seemed to be perched on the bougainvillea tree outside their bedroom window. The tree shed every day, he got a beating if a single leaf was found under the tree, blue eyes laughed at every stroke.

As he swept up the leaves for the nth time he noticed the twins playing catch with a stick. Old blue eyes began to flap and hoot. It swooped down and grabbed the snake as it leaned in to take a bite of a small chubby leg.

Kenny began to cry,

‘Where sticky gone?’

Taiwo joined in.

‘Wetin you dey do to my picken?’ mama twins growled.

‘Nothing oh!’ said Bobby as the owl flew off with its prey.

Bobby sighed, ‘thank you mama’.


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