Worry – unwanted companion


I haven’t posted in a while, just been busy worrying about everything under the sun from Brexit to my young adults to my work-life balance!

It’s time banish worry into a box.

This is my  letter to worry in response to a Daily post prompt: Companion



Dear Worry

You seem to be my companion of late

I need to shake you off

Stop following me

You appear when I least expect

taking me down rabbit holes and making my heart miss a beat

I need to hook up with peace

You’re here again, taunting me, giving me endless what ifs

Get thee behind me worry, I’m not playing your games today.


2 thoughts on “Worry – unwanted companion

  1. It’s been a while again. Did you get the worry monster behind you? I have a pretty mean left hook if you need some back up! Are you doing okay?

    I am in the middle of some very major life changes right now which is requiring a tremendous amount of time and attention so I apologize for not getting back more quickly.
    Are you okay?
    I am sending fluffy hugs your way.

    1. Dear Leah, Thank you for asking, yes I am, I had a birthday recently, friends and family that I hadn’t seen in over ten years turned up and made it a very special day, so I keep telling myself to focus on love and quit worrying. I hope you can muster up the strength (and with help) to kick your troubles and the changes that are causing them to the kerb.👟

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