Ode to Gratitude

Hi gratitude, I seemed to have lost you somewhere along the way.

I’m trying to get you back, cos I know you have me covered

I’m promoting to you to my first and last thing of the day.

Why? because you improve my heart rhythm and reduce my stress level and generally make the world a better place.

You flood my body and my brain with feel good endorphins, you can’t be that bad after all.

Let get back together..


IMG_0602 (1)
Punting on the River Cherwell.


Christ Church College, Oxford

I’ve decided to link up to Bernadette’s posts on thankfulness. So what I am grateful for this week.

I spent Saturday with my youngest teen picnicking and  walking around Christ Church meadows in Oxford, small thing I know, but she’s at an age where going on a picnic with mother is so last year.

With promises of Pokémons aplenty and a visit to Top shop we set off.  Oxford was hot, stifling hot and full of tourists lining up to do the Harry Potter trail, see the splendour of Oxford’s colleges or just being herded into open-top buses to do touristy things in a small city.

We headed for peace and tranquillity of the meadow and sat watching the rowers and punters manoeuvre their boats down the Rivers Cherwell and Thames.  The best thing of all is that we talked about stuff, stuff important to teenagers without the TV, a phone or any distractions except the occasional splash and waddle of the ducks and geese that seemed too hot to move.

“Thanks mum”, she said after we’d stuffed ourselves on cold coffee, sandwiches and cookies. “It’s been great, but can we go shopping now?”

And so we went back to maddening crowd in Oxford city centre.  Two hours of bliss with my Teen is something to be grateful for.






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