#1MinFiction- how many times?

Howdy,  long time no write. Yep, life seems to get in the way and the world is getting crazier by the day.  To ease myself back in, I’ve decided to join  Nortina@lovely curses 1MinFiction.

How many times have I looked at his picture, read his letters and smelt that empty bottle of cologne?

He never came back, mama got tired of waiting. So did I.

It’s time to put his stuff away, no more just in case.
Pops, your little girl just got married.


One thought on “#1MinFiction- how many times?

  1. I love this! It says so much in so little words. Sad, but also empowering at the same time– we can’t put our lives on hold waiting on someone else to value us. Great 1 minute fiction! Glad to see you back. ☺

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